Chapter 5: Monitoring output of quadrature encoders

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Chapter 5: Monitoring output of quadrature encoders

Post by neuronet on Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:12 pm

For those that want a simple way to set up the DC gear motors and monitor the encoder output on an oscilloscope, here is the wiring diagram I used to do so:

It just shows how to record from output A, but it is the same for B. You just need a power source for the encoder (I used 5V, but it will take pretty much anything between 4 and 20V), and of course power for the motor (the motor will run from 1V to 12V, and it is easier to see the output for the encoder for lower voltages--just be sure your power source has high enough current to run this puppy, 200-300 milliamps).  sunny


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