Ubuntu 14.04 LTS versus more recent versions

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Ubuntu 14.04 LTS versus more recent versions

Post by neuronet on Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:11 pm

Warning to people: as of July 2016 you might want to stick to the distributions used in Joseph's book (that is, Ubuntu 14, and ROS Indigo). While there is indeed a newer version of both (Ubuntu 16 and ROS Kinetic Kame), the problem is that many of the auxilliary robotics stack used in the book (the turtlebot stack, rocon, and maybe other things) are not well-integrated into Kinetic Kame yet. Hence, for now I just rolled back from Ubuntu 16 to 14.

It killed me a little inside to do this, because Ubuntu 16 is better in quite a few ways. But my goal right now is to learn robotics using Python, so I'm going to stick with my plan. I will post more about this in the book discussion section, I just wanted to put this here in the Linux section too if people were wondering if it mattered. It does.


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