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Welcome to the forum!

Post by neuronet on Wed May 25, 2016 10:19 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum. I am a scientist who is interested in learning robotics in my spare time. I started this forum because I wanted a place to talk to people about the book.

Lentin Joseph's book,Learning Robotics Using Python looks perfect for the noob: it picks a single project and sustains focus on that project for the entire book. It does a little bit of everything, which is great for the noob. But this can also be a problem, as it must treat some subjects very lightly. Because I am not an expert on things like Blender, I thought it would be good to have a knowledge repository for people working through the book, a place for people to come and get help, or even celebrate, as they work on the more complex parts.

I suspect most people here are already programmers to some degree (I have done quite a bit with PyQt, for instance), but we probably all have a lot to learn about actuators, Gazebo, etc..

I hope a lot of people discover this forum, so we can learn some things from each other about different aspects of this exciting adventure of robotics!


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